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Published 2019-03-06

What to Bring & Not Bring to the GMAT

You've studied hard for the GMAT, but are you fully sure of what to bring with you on test day? This is a question that's important for many potential test takers to explore, as you want to not only perform your best on the actual exam, but also meet the expectations of GMAC, the exam administrators. Are you aware of the proper I.D. you will need? Do you know what you are forbidden to bring into the test room? This article will explore many essential test day questions and concerns so you can focus on the GMAT and enhancing your top score.

Published 2019-01-19

GMAT Scores for Top Business Schools

Wouldn't it be great to know the average GMAT score of the business school of your dreams? Thanks to our hard work and research, now you can! Whether it's finding out the median score for Stanford is higher than Harvard or that Cambridge has the highest average in all of the U.K., this information is crucial when deciding upon your course of study. With this article, you can equip yourself with the right data to score above and beyond the average score of a chosen school. Read on to educate yourself on your upcoming competition to get your much-deserved results.

Published 2018-11-03

GMAT or GRE: Which One Should You Take?

One of the biggest topics of debate in b-school prep is that of the GMAT versus GRE. Do you know which one you should take? Many students don't, which is why we have broken down both exams for you, as well as their plusses and minuses. You deserve to take the exam that best reflects your abilities, so taking the time to read this article will help you in evaluating your decision. What's important is that your hard work is best directed towards the exam that makes the most sense for you. Read on so that you can choose your test and get your study on!

Published 2018-10-30

Average GMAT Scores

I bet you didn't know the national GMAT average score was 556, did you? Well, we have put time and effort into collecting all relevant data and statistics as it relates to national and international median scores. Whether it's average scores at some of the most elite schools or fluctuations in GMAT drop-offs and gains, this article is sure to provide you with the vital information you need to plan your own course of study. Knowledge is power, and you have the power in your hands when you keep on top of important information such as this.

Published 2018-10-17

GMAT to GRE Score Conversion

Who wouldn't want to know their GRE score if they had already taken the GMAT? Humans are naturally curious and they want to know how well they would perform on a test already similar in style and purpose. Being able to convert your GMAT scores to GRE scores is a truly phenomenal tool when planning your course of preparation and study. This article will teach you how to do just that with up-to-date charts that show you the conversion process. Leave it to Manhattan Review to provide such detailed and useful information. So what are you waiting for? Get converting!

Published 2018-10-14


Do you know all that you need to know about the GMAT and GRE? Many b-school-bound students are scratching their heads over the differences, similarities, as well as school preferences of both exams. Thankfully, nowadays MBA programs will accept either test for admittance purposes, but that still doesn't answer a lot of important questions. We fill you in on all that you need to know, spanning topics such as cost, verbal and quant differences, as well as scoring.

Published 2018-10-11

GMAT Percentiles

Do you know all you need to know about your GMAT score percentiles? More than likely you don't, which is why we have assembled this must-have article to determine your percentile rankings, which will hopefully give you a better insight into your own admissions opportunities. You're working hard enough on attaining a high score—why remain in the dark about your GMAT score percentiles? Knowledge is power and percentiles are all-powerful when applying to elite business schools and MBA programs. Take a deep dive into this highly informative article with your score handy so you can determine where you wind up compared to others.

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